Wrecking Commer Trucks


Wrecking Commer Trucks

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Commer Trucks

Commer Fate Discontinued
Founded 1905
Headquarters Luton, England
Products Commercial vehicles

Commer was a British manufacturer of commercial vehicles which existed from 1905 until 1979. Commer vehicles included car derived vans, light vans, medium to heavy commercial trucks, military vehicles and buses. The Commer brand was exported widely, with examples, albeit collectors' vehicles, still running far from the UK manufacturing base.[citation needed] Commer designed and built its own diesel engines for its heavy commercial vehicles.

February 1948, deploying the TS3 engine in the Avenger in 1954.
Light commercial vehicles
Commer Light Pick-up

The Commer Light Pick-Up was a pickup truck based on the Hillman Minx saloon and produced by Commer during the 1950s. A similar Hillman badged model was also produced. The Mark III was powered by a 1184cc four cylinder engine, the Mark VI by a 1265cc unit and the Mark VIII by a 1390cc engine. Production ceased circa 1958.
Commer Express Delivery Van

The Commer Express Delivery Van was a light commercial vehicle produced by Commer during the 1950s, competing in the 8-10cwt van range. It was based on the Hillman Minx saloon and evolved in parallel with that model, with designations ranging from Mark III to Mark VIIIB. The 1957 model, which featured a 100 cu ft load space and a payload of approximately 9cwt, was powered by a 1390cc four cylinder Hillman engine and was fitted with a four speed column-change gearbox.
Commer Cob

The Commer Cob is a 7 cwt delivery van which was introduced in early 1956 and was based upon the Hillman Husky, itself a derivative of the Hillman Minx Mark VIII.[10] In 1958 new Cob and Husky models were introduced, based on the "Audax" Hillman Minx.
Commer Imp Van
Main article: Hillman Imp

The Commer Imp Van was introduced in September 1965 and was based on the Hillman Imp saloon. It was renamed as the Hillman Imp Van in October 1968, with total production reaching 18,194 units prior to it being phased out in July 1970. The Hillman Husky estate car, which was introduced in July 1967, was based on the Imp Van.
Commer BF
Commer BF based ambulance

Many examples of these vans were coach built as ice cream vans.
Commer Walk-Thru
Commer Walk-Thru van as used by the Dutch company Van Gend & Loos

The Commer Walk-Thru was introduced in 1961 as a replacement for the Commer BF. The Walk-Thru was offered in 1½ ton, 2 ton and 3 ton van and cab-chassis variants with a choice of diesel or petrol engines.