Wrecking Bedford Trucks


Wrecking Bedford Trucks

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Bedford Trucks


The Bedford TJ was first manufactured in 1958 and was an updated version of the TD range. The TJ was available in the United Kingdom up until 1975, after 1975 it was manufactured only for export. Production continued until 1986, after that it was manufactured by AWD into the early 1990s. Petrol and diesel engines were available, the lightest (J0 designation) could be specified with the 2.6 litre (later 3.3) straight six petrol engine from the Vauxhall Cresta and offered saloon car levels of performance. TJs were not large sellers within the UK, however some high profile fleets did utilise them - notably the AA and British Telecom. Holland's Pies in Lancashire used a large fleet of TJ vans well into the 1980s, notable for being kept in very clean condition, and the TJ was often called a 'Holland's pie van' around Lancashire.


The TJ was widely exported. In Australia they were distributed by General Motors-Holden's.


Chassis codes
1958 To June 1967

J1 30cwt.
J2S 3ton.
J2L 3ton.
J3L 4ton.
J4L 5ton.
J4E 5ton.
J4A 8ton tractor.
J5S 6ton.
J5L 6ton.
J6S 7ton.
J6L 7ton.

A 3rd or 4th number indicates engine type; Diesel Gasoline Gasoline Diesel Diesel Diesel

July 1967 onwards

Chassis codes changed in July 1967 to ensure Bedford complied with new legislation introduced in the UK (Construction and Use Regulations).

CDD/CHD 30cwt.
CDJ/CHJ 3ton.
CDL/CHL 4ton.
CFM/CJM 5ton.
CFN/CJN 6ton.
CFQ/CJQ 7 ton.

The 2nd letter indicates engine type; Gasoline Gasoline Diesel Diesel


The engines available included:

214cu Gasoline
300cu Gasoline
300cu Diesel
330cu Diesel
200cu Diesel
220cu Diesel